ZPN - Solid Zinc Plates

ZPN 1 
ZPN-3, ZPN-4 
ZPN 5 
ZPN 6 
ZPN-10, ZPN-15, ZPN-20 
ZPN-10-2, ZPN-10-3, ZPN-10-4 

  • No Core.
  • Scored segments for easy separation.
  • *ZPN-10-2 with two segments.
     ZPN-10-3 with three segments.
     ZPN-10-4 with four segments.
Part No Thickness Width Length Weight(lb) Box Qty
ZPN-1 1/2" 1" 6" .80 42
ZPN-3 1/2" 3" 6" 2.50 12
ZPN-4 1/2" 4" 6" 3.40 10
ZPN-5 1/2" 3" 12" 5.20 12
ZPN-6 1/2" 6" 6" 6.00 7
ZPN-10 1/2" 6" 12" 10.00 N/A
ZPN-15 3/4" 6" 12" 15.00 N/A
ZPN-20 1" 6" 12" 20.00 N/A
ZPN-10-2* 1/2" 6" 12" 10.00 N/A
ZPN-10-3* 1/2" 6" 12" 10.00 N/A
ZPN-10-4* 1/2" 6" 12" 10.00 N/A

ZP & ZPP - Plates

ZP & ZPP - Plates 

  • ZP-no pigtail.
  • ZPP series with 12" copper pigtail.
Part No Thickness Width Length Weight(lb) Box Qty
ZP-2/ZPP-2 11/16" 2-1/2" 4-1/2" 2.0 10
ZP-3 / ZPP-3 3/4" 3" 6" 3.0 12
ZP-4/ZPP-4 3/4" 4" 6" 4.0 10
ZP-7/ZPP-7 13/16" 5" 9" 7.5 4

Tackle Corrosion Concerns with Zinc Plate Anodes

From small pleasure crafts to large ships, zinc plate anodes from Sea Shield Marine protect thousands of marine vessels worldwide. Zinc plates are an integral part of the product line offered by Sea Shield Marine, and they are manufactured using the same high-quality techniques as all of our other cathodic corrosion protection products. Our zinc plates are manufactured using proprietary pressure die-casting techniques that guarantee a dense zinc plate without air pockets.

Opt for Affordable Corrosion Protection

An anode is a low-cost cathodic corrosion protection tool for your boat, yatch, or commercial ship. Sea Shield Marine Zinc Plates meet or exceed Military Specifications, giving you the assurance of having invested in the finest quality anodes available on the market.

That’s precisely why our anodes have gained the reputation of being the “mariner’s choice”. If you are looking for a long-lasting, high-performance zinc plate anode that doesn’t dent your budget, Sea Shield Marine has just the product you need.

We have maintained a strategy of maintaining depth in standard product inventory, and keeping a nominal inventory of infrequently ordered products. This strategy ensures that you get the exact product you need in short lead times.

Sea Shield Marine has a variety of zinc plate anodes in stock, available for quick delivery. If you need corrosion protection in salt and brackish water conditions, these zinc plates are a highly recommended option.

Sea Shield Marine Solid Zinc Plates at a Glance

The Solid Zinc Plate range manufactured by Sea Shield Marine comprises no core. This gives the user flexibility in drilling holes per their installation specifications.

We offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses on our plate anodes. They feature beveled edges and our ZPP range has a copper wire pigtail that can be connected to the underwater metals that require corrosion protection.

  • ZPN - Solid Zinc Plates: This series is available in a variety of dimensions suitable for different applications. Our ZPN-10 zincs are also available with scored segments for easy separation. Our ZPN-10-2 plate comprises two segments, whereas the ZPN-10-3 comes with three segments and the ZPN-10-4 features four segments.

  • ZP & ZPP – Plates: While the ZP series does not include a pig tail, the ZPP series features a 12” copper pigtail.

Sea Shield Marine solid zinc plates demonstrate excellent performance when it comes to protecting hulls of metal boats. To learn more about how our cathodic protection anodes can work for you, please speak with a trained Sea Shield Marine representative today.
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