M-706190-C Zinc

Product Specs

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Part No Weight(lb) Style Thickness Diameter Holes Box Qty
M-706190 0.713 Quick change 1″ 2-7/32″ 1ea. 10
M-706188 0.225 Quick change 3/8″ 2-7/32″ 1ea. 10

MERCURY QUICK CHANGE TRIM ANODE: For Mercruiser Bravo Series Stern/Out-Drives

One 10/32 X 3/8 allen cap screw stainless steel for holding anode to the adapter plate(M-706188).

For Mercruiser Stern/Out-Drives: Bravo 1 1988 – Present , Bravo 2 & 3 1989 – Present , Bravo 3 2004 – Present

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Quick change trim installation instructions



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