Mercury Quick Change Trim Anodes and Adapter Plate 

  • It is used in Alpha and Bravo Mercruiser.
Part No Wt (lb) Aluminum anodes Wt (lb) Style Dimension (l) Dia. Holes Box qty
M-806189 0.29 M-806189-A 0.08 Trim 2" 1-31/32" 2 10
M-806190 0.73 M-806190-A 0.29 Trim 9/16" 1-31/32" 2 10

Mercury Quick-Change (Patent Pending)


  • M-706188 Aluminum Adapter is used in conjunction with M-706189 and M-706190.
  • It takes 2 screws to hold the adapter plate and one 10/32” x 3/8" alien cap screw stainless steel for holding anode to the adapter plate.
  • Aluminum adapter plate with stainless steel 10/32" threaded insert for "long life".
Part No Wt (lb) Aluminum anodes Wt (lb) Style Thickness Dimension (l) Dia. Holes Box qty
M-706189 0.225 M-706189-A 0.09 Quick Change 3/8" 2" 2-7/32" 1 10
M-706190 0.713 M-706190 0.285 Quick Change 1" 9/16" 2-7/32" 1 10

Sea Shield Marine Boat Anodes – Protecting Your Investment

With their high-quality materials and intelligent design, boat anodes from Sea Shield Marine Products, Inc. deliver unmatched corrosion protection. Our boat anode range is designed for on a variety of marine vessels such as cruisers, sport fishing boats and center console boats.

Our boat anode range is popular for the following reasons:

  • Available in a wide variety of configurations and compatibilities
  • Designed for ease of installation, removal, and replacement
  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art pressure die casting methods for higher density and high resultant performance

Our R&D team is constantly working on ways to improve your boat anode-usage experience. Little wonder then that our anodes for boats are the preferred choice in wide-ranging boating applications.

Sea Shield Marine boat anodes at a glance

Our Mercury anodes for boats can be used on the Alpha and Bravo Mercruiser stern-drive line that is widely used by boating enthusiasts across the globe. In addition, our Mercury Quick Change Trim Anode “Long Life” range is manufactured for unmatched performance in the high seas.

Sea Shield Marine recommends that you use the M-706188 Aluminum Adapter in conjunction with M-706189 and M-706190.

This boat anode can be secured to the adapter plate with a single 10/32” x 3/8" allen cap stainless steel screw, and two screws that hold the adapter plate. The aluminum adapter plate is fitted with a threaded stainless steel insert for a long life.

Tips on maximizing the performance of your anodes for boats

Our anodes reach their peak performance when used according in the recommended manner. While usage instructions differ from one product to another, here are some generic tips to get the most out of your Sea Shield Marine boat anode:

  • Install the boat anodes according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Remember to check on your anodes periodically for corrosion and loosening
  • Once the anode reaches around 30% to 40% of its original size, you might want to replace it to maintain an uninterrupted corrosion protection cycle
  • Always make sure that your boat anode makes direct contact with the metals of your marine vessel. Do not paint anodes, as this will render them ineffective

Think of anodes as a low-cost insurance against corrosion. Replace anodes for boats regularly to save hundreds of dollars that you might otherwise spend on re-investing in expensive boat parts.

Our team is standing by to address your concerns and answer your questions about our range of boat anodes. Please speak with a Sea Shield Marine representative today.