Mag 22 / Mag 5 / Mag Anodes

Mag 22 
Mag 5 
Mag 2R5 and Mag 8 or Mag 2 
  • Mag 22 : Galvanized steel straps for weld-on installation.
  • Mag 22: 1/4" x 1-1/2" x 18" on 10" centers.
  • Mag 5:11" length, 4-3/4" width, 2-1/2" thickness, steel straps are 1-1/8" wide
    & 1/4" thick, 14-1/4" overall length with 5/8" holes on 13" centers.
  • Mag 2R5 1-1/2" dia. 1" deep counter bore with 5/8" through hole.
  • Mag 8R 1-1/2" dia. 1" deep counter bore with 5/8" through hole.
  • Mag 15R 1-1/2" dia. 1" deep counter bore with 5/8" through hole.
Mag 22   2" 10" 20" 22.0
Mag 5   2-1/2" 4-3/4" 11" 5.0
Mag 2R5 5" 2" - - 2.55
Mag 8 - 2" 8" 8" 8.69
Mag 15 - 4" 8" 8" 17.40

Mag Anodes - Underground

Mag Anodes - Underground 
  • Available packaged or unpackaged, with or without copper leads, per customer requirements.
  • Backfill material: 75% Hydrated Gypsum, 20% Bentonite, 5% Sodium Sulfate.
17D3 3-1/2" 3-3/4" 25-1/4" 17.00
32D5 5-1/2" 5-3/4" 19-7/8" 32.00
48D5 5-1/2" 5-3/4" 30-1/8" 48.00

Sea Shield Marine Magnesium Anodes

In higher resistivity electrolytes, using zinc and aluminum anodes might prove to be an expensive business decision. In such applications, magnesium anodes are a better alternative as they have a higher driving voltage than aluminum and zinc anodes.

Sea Shield Marine Products, Inc. manufactures a full magnesium anode range that is used for underground, heat exchanger, condenser, and fresh water applications. Our anodes are superior on the following fronts:

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install

When you need unfailing corrosion protection in higher resistive, aqueous electrolytes, rely on Sea Shield Marine magnesium anodes.

We recommend the use of magnesium anodes in fresh water, as their driving voltage is higher than that of zinc or aluminum because magnesium ranks higher on the galvanic scale. They should not be used in saltwater

Applications of Sea Shield Marine Magnesium Anodes

Submerged and Semi-Submerged Structures

Sea Shield Marine’s Mag 22 anodes provide nonstop protection in submerged structures such as barges, ships, dams and tanks. You can also install these anodes on metallic piers and pilings and other semi-submerged structures. Our anodes are designed to be installed by welding or bolting the flush-mount anodes to the structure.

Underground Applications

Your expensive underground metals are prone to corrosion, and anodes are an economical way to protect them. Our anodes are highly effective in safeguarding underground structures such as tanks, pipes and tubing, and containers, from damage owing to corrosion.

Sea Shield Marine underground magnesium anode range 17D3 – 32D5 – 48D5 is best suited for protecting these underground structures. Underground anodes are installed on the structure with a copper wire for cathodic protection. Choose from options such as packaged or unpackaged, with or without copper leads based on your requirements.

Magnesium Anode for Heat Exchangers and Condensers

Sea Shield Marine’s feature-rich range of Mag Anodes - 2R5 – 75S – 15S can protect your investment in heat exchangers and condensers by restricting corrosion. They are manufactured to be highly compatible with heat transfer equipment used in such scenarios. All sizes have 1” long x ¾” galvanized steel core with a 1-1/2” counter bore hole.

Backed by Sea Shield Marine cathodic protection anodes, you can be assured that corrosion-related damages will be a thing of the past. At the same time, it is imperative to maintain your corrosion protection cycle by checking on the magnesium anode at regular intervals and replacing anodes that have reached around 40% of their original size.
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