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What started as a modest endeavor in the backyard of entrepreneur Wendell W. Goodwin has today grown into a business with a pan-America presence. Today, Sea Shield Marine Products, Inc. is recognized as a leading Cathodic Anode manufacturer with unmatched expertise in dealing with marine anodes of every imaginable variety. Our boat zincs are designed for large commercial ships, marine vessels, and pleasure crafts alike.

We Guarantee Sea Shield Zinc and Aluminum Anodes conform to the Mil. Specs listed below.
Zinc anodes: Mil-A-18001
Aluminum anodes: Mil-A-24779

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Our products

Sea Shield Marine has the capacity to manufacture zinc anodes, magnesium anodes, and aluminum anodes in multiple sizes and configurations. Our zinc anode line is the first choice of mariners.

Our extensive product line of zinc, magnesium, and aluminum anodes comprises:

  • General boating anodes: Manufactured for discerning mariners, this marine anode category comprises shaft anodes, trim-tab and rudder anodes, hull anodes, propeller anodes, stern/out-drive anodes, bow thruster anodes, saildrive anodes, and engine anodes.

  • Commercial anodes: These are meant for commercial users. Our commercial anode category comprises our zinc rod range, heat exchanger anodes, lobster and crab traps, and zinc mooring chain.

  • Industrial anodes: We extensively studied industrial corrosion-protection requirements to design this line of anodes. Industrial anodes comprise of anodes for ballast tanks, underground structures, water screens, and pier pilings.

  • Magnesium anodes: These anodes actively work towards saving heat exchangers, condensers, underground, and other submerged structures from corrosion.

The secret behind the longevity of our anodes

Sea Shield Marine zinc, magnesium, and aluminum anodes are unique in that they are pressure die cast using the finest grades of metal to achieve the highest performance standards. This makes our boat anodes heavier and denser, eliminating the chances of hollow air pockets that in effect reduce the quality of an anode.

We attribute the longevity and consistent performance of our anodes to our unique manufacturing technique. Little wonder that our boat anode range is used on the finest ocean vessels worldwide.

We have several ‘industry firsts’ to our credit

Sea Shield Marine Products, Inc. stands committed to innovation in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc anode design. Here’s how:

  • Sea Shield Marine Products, Inc. was the first to introduce the MIL-A-18001 to the yachting world.

  • We introduced the first tear drop designed zinc anodes with slots for fitting multiple bolt patterns and simplifying installation.

  • Sea Shield Marine was the first to design a user-friendly collar, with deep-slotted stainless steel screws, allowing maximum torque for properly securing the anode and increasing effectiveness.

  • Among our leading designs is the now popular and widely used Divers Dream Plate, a zinc plate-type anode found on most transoms in marinas.

  • Our patent-pending Sacrificial Anode Line Cutter Assembly (SALCA) offers boatmen the combined benefit of a boat zinc and disc line cutter. This single product works to prevent corrosion as well as propeller entanglement.

  • A valuable addition to our innovative product line is the Fisherman's Dream – a lobster and crab anode, preferred in the industry for its low cost and high efficiency.

Besides a full range of boat zincs, Sea Shield Marine offers several ancillary Cathodic protection components such as stainless steel fasteners, and galvanized steel inserts (enabling anodes to reduce the electric resistive build-up). Ask for anything to do with cathodic corrosion protection and we most likely have a solution.

For information, details on boat zincs, or quotes, please call or email a Sea Shield Marine representative. To directly go to our New Products page, please click here.
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